Heat Pump Solutions

Whether Air-to-Air, Air-to Water or combined – we cut through the jargon and explain in simple terms how each option works and which one best serves your individual requirements.

The majority of air conditioning systems installed by The Air Conditioning Showroom incorporate heat pump technology. This technology enables the refrigeration cycle to operate ‘in reverse’, utilising energy from the external environment to produce heat which is then distributed indoors.

The heat pump cycle is extremely reliable and energy efficient. No electrical heating elements or gas burners are involved and, unlike gas or electrical 


heating where some of the energy of the fuel is inevitably wasted, for every 1kW of electrical energy used, around 3kW of heat is produced. This will reduce your fuel costs and carbon emissions by up to 50%. Heat pump technology enables ‘free energy’ to be extracted from the ambient air, making heat pumps extremely cost effective and environmentally friendly as a source of comfort heating.

Air conditioning with integrated heat pump technology provides year-round comfort and avoids the need for additional space heating systems such as electric panel heaters, radiators or boilers. Heat pumps are available in a wide range of capacities and can also be used to produce hot water for heating and sanitary applications