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You really can reduce your home heating costs by up to 75%...

It is a common misconception that an air conditioning system can only cool the air. This is not so, heat pump air conditioning systems have, what they call, a reversing valve fitted to reverse the function of the indoor and outdoor air conditioning units, which means that they also have the ability to heat the circulating air. So now you have an air conditioning system that can maintain a constant, comfortable and easily controllable temperature all year round.

Britain has the perfect climate for these types of systems and this high efficiency will directly equate to lower utility bills – something that is at the front of every homeowner’s mind in the current economic climate.

How Energy Efficient Are These Systems?

In short…. Very! But a bit like the figures of your car fuel performance, you tend to be given the best result given in optimum conditions when the truth is somewhere in the middle. On some of our systems can get energy efficiency ratings of up to a COP (Coefficient of Performance) value of 6. The COP value is telling you how much useful heat energy you’re getting out for every £1 pound of electrical energy you’re putting in. Hence a COP value of 6 means you will get £6 pounds of heat energy out for the £1 pound of electrical energy you’ve put in, which as we’re sure you will agree sounds very impressive. So basically the bigger the COP number the more energy efficient the system is, as a good guideline any system with a COP value of 3.6 and over is to be considered energy efficient.

Wall-Mounted Air Conditioning Units
Mitsubishi Wall Mounted
Breezeless Wall Mounted

The wall mounted air conditioner is the most compact and commonly installed type of air conditioner. It is also normally the most cost-effective domestic solution.

Discharging conditioned air from their lower front edge, the wall mounted air conditioner is designed to be mounted at high level within a room. This positioning enables the ideal distribution of conditioned air throughout the room, and with heat rising, they continually draw in and cool the warmest air within the room, maximising their overall effectiveness.

Modern wall mounted units are designed to minimise the visual impact of this high level positioning, the wall mounted air conditioner has generally adopted a subtle design, being white in appearance with clean lines and smooth front panel.

Flexi/Universal Air Conditioning Units

Discharging air from a horizontal louvre at the top, flexi units can either be mounted on a wall at low level, or be suspended horizontally below a ceiling. This option is a popular choice for conservatories as it fits nicely on dwarf walls.

All our brands offer a variety of stylish designs with a solution to suit every environment.

Floor Standing Air Conditioning Units
Mitsubishi Floor Standing

The floor standing format can be located directly onto a floor, or be mounted onto a wall at low level.

This type of floor standing air conditioning unit is neat and compact, and can be installed discreetly at low level to blend in to the surroundings. It can also be partially recessed into a wall, reducing its visible depth or intrusion to just 95mm.

Fully integrated & ducted domestic system

The concealed, ducted type system represents the ultimate in integrated discretion. Typically installed within your attic space, ceiling voids or adjacent rooms, conditioned air is delivered through grilles, and means no equipment is visible from within the room.