Domestic Air Conditioning

In the past, air conditioning was considered a luxury, but with rising summer temperatures and an increase in pollen/pollution related issues, it is the ‘new thing’ to have air conditioning fitted in our homes as most of us are realising that it is rapidly becoming a necessity as well as a luxury for our homes.

Our systems are economical and cost-effective to install and run – domestic installations only attract 5% VAT (see terms) and most of our systems will provide your heating in the winter as well as cooling in the summer. The internal units are sleek, elegant and aesthetically pleasing in a multitude of styles to suit all tastes. Visit our showroom or call us and ask about how we can customize your own unit.

A split type system is the most commonly used form of air-conditioning Isystem for the domestic home. This will allow you to run multiple units in

 individual rooms giving comfortable temperatures throughout your home. They contain a low-noise fan, and are generally wall-mounted, floor-standing or concealed within attic spaces.

The units we install outside your property are also compact in design and unobtrusive and operate with extremely low noise ratings. They can be placed anywhere outside, either floor-standing on a patio/balcony, flat roofs, or wall-mounted on suitable brackets. They can also be concealed where possible or have a special printed overlay to disguise them into their surroundings.

There are many different types of air conditioning unit, so finding one to suit your property will not be a problem with us. Pop into our showroom and speak to one of our product experts who will be happy to advise you.  

Wall-Mounted Air Conditioning Units

The wall mounted air conditioner is the most compact and commonly installed type of air conditioner. It is also normally the most cost-effective domestic solution.

Discharging conditioned air from their lower front edge, the wall mounted air conditioner is designed to be mounted at high level within a room. This positioning enables the ideal distribution of conditioned air throughout the room, and with heat rising, they continually draw in and cool the warmest air within the room, maximising their overall effectiveness.

Modern wall mounted units are designed to minimise the visual impact of this high level positioning, the wall mounted air conditioner has generally adopted a subtle design, being white in appearance with clean lines and smooth front panel.

Flexi/Universal Air Conditioning Units

Discharging air from a horizontal louvre at the top, flexi units can either be mounted on a wall at low level, or be suspended horizontally below a ceiling. This option is a popular choice for conservatories as it fits nicely on dwarf walls.

All our brands offer a variety of stylish designs with a solution to suit every environment.

Floor Standing Air Conditioning Units

The floor standing format can be located directly onto a floor, or be mounted onto a wall at low level.

This type of floor standing air conditioning unit is neat and compact, and can be installed discreetly at low level to blend in to the surroundings. It can also be partially recessed into a wall, reducing its visible depth or intrusion to just 95mm.

Fully integrated & ducted domestic system

The concealed, ducted type system represents the ultimate in integrated discretion. Typically installed within your attic space, ceiling voids or adjacent rooms, conditioned air is delivered through grilles, and means no equipment is visible from within the room.